Affordable Indoor/Outdoor Wedding Venues and Ballroom for Rentals

  1.  I was searching for a Banquet hall near me and This Historic church is an icon and the main street in Yakima I give this place 10 stars if we could! Everything you want/need in a venue is here. There are even apartments you can rent so anyone can rent them Good sized kitchen, historic, lots of parking, large restrooms, spacious high ceilings in the chapel area, cozy lower floor with great spotlighting! The staff is a pleasure to work with. We held many different events here throughout the years it would also be a pretty venue for a wedding!
  2. This Banquet hall near me place was everything I held my 1 annual love and marriage conference there in Yakima WA and it was the best spot I could have ever chosen. The owner was attentive and accommodating. My event was amazing, and I greatly suggest this place if ever in need of a place to have a special event. they had 2 kitchens that can be used and areas for bridal parties to get ready in.
  3. I loved my double date night I searched for a Banquet hall near me Yakima WA and found Baptist Event Center. The catering company was GREAT!!! EVERYONE ELSE WAS GREAT!!! The venue is beautiful. the catering company food is great. It was excellent from the start. Thanks for offering a great creative date night. Please take advantage of a great gem in our beautiful Yakima WA city.
  4. I was looking for a venue for wedding near me I recently attended an event last month. I must say this place Baptist Event Center is pretty incredible if you are looking to host an event in the future. The staff was great and will work with you one on one to make your event happen. The owner was very helpful and great from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this as a space to rent out for your next event. Great place to be a historic building in Yakima WA.
  5. I was looking for a venue for wedding near me I recently attended an event last month. I must say this place Baptist Event Center is pretty incredible if you are looking to host an event in the future. The staff was great and will work with you one on one to make your event happen. The owner was very helpful and great from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend this as a space to rent out for your next event. Great place to be a historic building in Yakima WA.
  6. I was searching for a wedding space near me or venue for wedding near me because I needed a space also for the wedding reception event I rented out Baptist Event Center and an amazing experience to share with the special person in your life. My husband and I had the best wedding experience It was fun and therapeutic and the catering company meals were just fabulous. The kitchen staff is down to earth person. best place to rent for wedding events or other occasions. I definitely recommend this wedding event place with no question that returns for the experience and the food.. The coffee and dessert was delicious. The owners are awesome! My friend will be getting married next year and will maybe want to rent this wedding hall for her big day!!
  7. We were searching online for venue places near me in Yakima WA and found Baptist Event Center we needed the perfect place and this was it We've been to a number of venue places for parties and have had a great time at each one. we rented this venue place and made some good memories here In addition we were able to meet new people and enjoy the catering company brought food. and I would highly recommend it for an artist, a place for a wedding. The unique venue is one thing but adds to it the creative activates that go on here and you can't lose!
  8. I had my wife's surprise 50th birthday party at an elegant hall near me and the venue is amazing. I am so glad I selected this elegant hall near me to host my wife's party. The owner was great to work with and assisted me throughout the planning stages. The pricing was great with me to all the venues I toured. I would highly recommend this elegant hall for an event near me for your next event.
  9. I had my wedding at Baptist Event Center I looked at several Banquet halls for my wedding near me before I decided to go with Baptist Event Center and it was fantastic. The got help in every way possible from the moment that I was interested in the place, and they did a fantastic job on the day of the wedding. Everyone loved the venue and told us it was so unique and that it represented the best things about us as a couple and a beautiful mix of modern and traditional. I would recommend the Banquet halls for wedding near me for any event.
  10. This Banquet hall for my wedding near me space is charming! I have attended parties and hosted parties there. There were very helpful They were careful with our budget and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend these Banquet halls for wedding near me space. Most importantly, we had a great time at the events as well!
  11. I called some Banquet halls near me today to rent a space for a conference and it was honestly one of the coolest event halls that I've been too. This place isn't your typical run of the mill conference-type event settings, but a really chic, historical, and industrial type of architecture with even cooler decor. They have plenty of room for tables, vendors, speakers, and a room for the catering company serving food as well. They have plenty of space, parking, A solid spot for any type of large event, I'm glad to have seen such a beautiful and industrial space that embodies so much history still utilized today.
  12. One of the nicest building event halls around the area. EXCELLENT service and pay parking is close to the venue.
  13. This event facility near me at Baptist Event Center place is so versatile. One minute it was our prom, a couple of months later it was used for a party The only thing I can't complain when everything was perfect and if you need to rent a room for a party, or looking for a small wedding venue to rent this is the place in Yakima
  14. I love these buildings for party rentals. We have rented it out for several events. They have everything we need! Tables and chairs, a stocked kitchen. Everyone loves the natural light and great energy. Beautifully designed and they thought of everything. If you're looking for outdoor wedding venues, The perfect venue for a wedding they have nice ballroom for rent
  15. I love these buildings for party rentals. We have rented it out for several events. They have everything we need! Tables and chairs, a stocked kitchen. Everyone loves the natural light and great energy. Beautifully designed and they thought of everything. If you're looking for outdoor wedding venues, The perfect venue for a wedding they have nice ballroom for rent.
  16. This building for party rentals is great and it's near me I was looking for something close is beyond beautiful and the energy there is fantastic. Highly recommend for the best ballroom venues
  17. I can't believe I have waited so long to leave this review. I had my mother's retirement party here back in January. The owner worked with me and made me feel right at home. The space is beautiful, well maintained, and all-inclusive. I have never seen my mother so happy and the value is unbelievable. It also is very assessable and not in the middle of the hustle and bustle we had tables, chairs, and linen available was a great touch nice church they have banquet hall for rent, banquet halls for weddings, best wedding location.
  18. I was looking for Buildings for party rentals near me and came across Baptist Event Center the owner helped me and my wife to curate a breathtaking wedding experience. catering company coordination to sound, light, and video... You will not find a better event space for your money. Baptist Event Center if I ever need to find some party rentals near me or a know someone looking for a space for a wedding I will give them your info for everything because this a perfect place for a wedding reception event, small banquet, places to have a wedding, event spaces, best wedding reception spot and more
  19. I was searching for Great Buildings for party rentals near me and came across Baptist Event Center. I rented a room and the Service was amazing and all employees were wonderful with great attitudes. The catering company Food was well served and never-ending. They have an area for those people who would like to visit in a more quiet area. Great security. all were very attentive. The seating was comfortable. I highly recommend this event space. BTW we were at a family Bat Mitzvah and had a blast.
  20. I went to Baptist Event Center for the "Celebration" event and I enjoyed everything about the place. There was plenty of room on the dance floor with limited space on both sides for people to sit. The live music was fantastic and the from the catering company food and drinks was on point. This is a place I definitely plan to frequent.
  21. My fiance and I were looking for wedding packages near me a space We booked both our wedding ceremony and reception in April at Baptist Event Center I thought the facility was reasonable, and the staff was so easy to work with. They responded to every question and addressed every need. The owner was a lifesaver at times. extremely organized. I didn't have my own wedding planner and the owner functioned as one for us (included in the price for the facility). Our guests loved the catering company that brought the food I remember looking for Places to get married near me and this is the perfect place. We did have a full open bar and I think our guests were pleased. We received so many compliments on the facility, the catering company provided food, the atmosphere, the organization. They made us look good and were so easy to work with. I hope to host our 50th wedding anniversary there someday! If your looking for buildings for party rentals in Yakima WA this is the most beautiful Church.
  22. I must say this was the best wedding location in Yakima WA and I found it at Baptist Event Center it was such a beautiful venue for our wedding and our guests loved it, too! The staff is fantastic and they work with you on every detail. The process leading up to the wedding was organized and professional. Talk of that collaborates with this venue location, making the communication between catering and venue a breeze. perfect Places to get married near me great team thank you for your recommendations and guidance through the wedding planning process. We loved the special care and attention to detail on the Big Day! great place for event location rentals my wedding was perfect Thanks, y'all!
  23. Would not hesitate to use Baptist Event Center this as a reception hall venue! Had my daughter’s wedding here and the venue was so incredibly easy to work with and was definitely a go-to place for guidance and suggestions on today's weddings The Staff was very responsive, flexible, and easy to work with. Used most of their vendors and was very pleased! Would definitely recommend Places to get married!!
  24. I was looking for a small venue rental and Places to get married near me and I found Baptist Event Center what an amazing venue. Because of the Baptist Event Center team we were able to plan an amazing wedding in 5 months. The owner is incredibly organized and helpful. All of the vendors they work with are amazing. And they work together often, so they know each other well. Our photographer knew the DJ- so they communicated about upcoming important events that we'd want photos of. Everyone works well together and everything went smoothly. We were so happy with the Venue and the staff! if your looking for buildings for rent for events, a church wedding venue, place for outdoor weddings this is the space.
  25. Baptist Event Center is the hidden gem for sure. I must have passed this place 40 or 50 times without knowing it was there but was surprised at the beautiful venue and great customer service we found at a Holiday event there recently. The décor was great, I will be looking to take advantage of the Spaces for parties’ team for my own Firm in the near future as a result of my first experience.
  26. I must say the best venue for the wedding I had my wedding and reception at Baptist Event Center and I can say without hesitation that I made the right choice! It's a beautiful space and the owner Roger Wilson was wonderful to work with. he was very organized and kind and have extensive knowledge
    My favorite parts about the space, which I feel make it unique, are the piano and beautiful outside patio. Additionally, the back is a great place to take pictures. If you are looking for a space for your event, including weddings and wedding receptions, I highly recommend the Baptist Event Center!
  27. I am the director of a small non-profit organization. We had our 3rd annual gala at the Baptist Event Center last week, and it was spectacular! The owner was so accommodating and even gave guidance towards planning the event. The building we rent for this event needs no further decorating, as its interior is so beautiful. The staff was on top of every detail, and the event ran so smoothly. We will be coming back and definitely recommend it! For anyone looking for event location rentals, event places to rent, event places this is the Church and they have apartments you can rent.
  28. I was looking for venue spaces for rent and found Baptist Event Center what an Excellent venue! My business used the Baptist Event Center I am impressed with the service and commitment to making our annual event the very best it can be. Roger Wilson is great to work with and our event always goes off "without a hitch". It's nice not to have to worry about anything-the Baptist Event Center has it all under control! Beautiful wedding location venue Roger Wilson is amazing to work with and the catering company food is always delicious!!!
  29. Just got back from a beautiful wedding at this Banquet wedding venue. Saturday night there was a wedding and reception. Our hosts had arranged for accommodations down the street so it was incredibly convenient for us The location was nice. So nice inside. The staff never missed a beat to ensure everyone was moved through the different areas of our event. There was a very nice cocktailing area after the ceremony with a full bar. the catering company did such a great job All the servers and bar tenders were smiling and pleasant and just added to the atmosphere. Very attentive during the meal. The catering company food was excellent It was modern and decorated elegantly (I know that is more the wedding planner) but this venue can be done in so many ways. Parking was easy and accessible. Many attendees were offered shuttle service between the venue and the down the street. I think this is a great venue for a wedding. Lots of folks from out of town at this wedding, but many locals as well.
  30. Both my sister and I had our wedding receptions here at Baptist Event Center and they were excellent!! Service is amazing; The catering company food was top-notch, and sooooo spacious!! large space great site It even has a bar 🙂 perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything different. Very little opportunity nice area for nice photos. flowers, etc. the facility itself, very nice.
  31. I was looking for small party venue near me and this was the place for my party very elegant place for any party or event at Baptist Event Center. Roger Wilson and the rest of the staff were great and the catering company food was incredible
  32. Baptist Event Center exceeded our expectations! Beautiful events venue. Guests said that the catering company food was the best they'd had at an event! Roger Wilson and his staff are top of the line. Can’t' wait to have another event here one day!
  33. This Baptist Event Center hall building is gorgeous and functional. As I walked up to the building I noticed what an amazing place This Baptist Event Center is the perfect place to stop, relax and gather your thoughts It was obviously designed with warmth and comfort in mind. You can easily stroll around the building and explore The people who work here are warm, friendly, and inviting. What a pleasure!
  34. I was searching for a wedding banquet hall and I found my place I must say Beautiful and stunning the Baptist Event Center! perfect for any type of event. The place has elegance There's PLENTY of parking space. Such a gorgeous place for my wedding I am glad I found this space its the perfect site for my Fiancé and I
  35. Awesome place for a wedding or event. Completely remodeled inside and all the cool stained glass and 1908 features are intact. The pews have been removed and replaced with movable chairs. They can set up for a reception with round tables or rows for a wedding
  36. Beautiful event Hall. It's a great location for a wedding or party. Extra-large ceiling My company held a conference here at Baptist Event Center and it was perfect for the catering company brought food to the area and another area for dancing or seating Great little treasure!
  37. Booking our wedding reception at the Baptist Event Center was one of the smartest decisions we made! We had searched around many different venues in the area, but as soon as we visited Baptist Event Center, we knew that was THE place! just what we were looking for when planning our vintage romance themed wedding fit for 100 guests! We visited Baptist Event Center a few different times before booking our wedding and each time, they were setting up for evening weddings. Seeing the venue decked out for different types of weddings definitely solidified my thoughts of it truly being the most functional and versatile location we could ask for. No matter what your style and vision is, you can accomplish it beautifully at Baptist Event Center. From the very start, Roger Wilson was extremely helpful and accommodating. he answered all of our million bazillion questions in a timely fashion and was so nice in the process! It was quite a pleasure working with him and us so appreciative of his assistance! guided us every step along the way, which was very refreshing. He was extremely flexible in meeting days/times and reached out to me frequently to check-in and make sure everything was going smoothly. I highly recommend The Baptist Event Center if you are planning a wedding this is the perfect place you will not be disappointed!! Thank you, Roger Wilson, and your awesome team for helping us create the wedding of our dream.
  38. . I had to find places for a wedding and I found the most beautiful place for my wedding and On October 1, 2020, I held my Italian themed wedding reception at the Baptist Event Center My vision was to transform the room into Italy. I had a vender worked amazingly with my florist and wedding coordinator to make all my non-traditional room requests happen. When I had my BIG Room REVEAL it literally took my breath away! I know it is a year later, but the memories will last a lifetime! Thank you, Roger, and your team for making my night magical!
  39. I had been seeking out venue spaces for rent and came upon Baptist Event Center as I was there for a retirement party of the chair for our school. Since I'd been before I didn't expect much, HOWEVER, it was and still is an amazing party venue. The wait staff was pleasant and quick to pick up plates. This is the place to plan an event, I wouldn't shy away from using the Baptist Event Center. Great team and food.
  40. Stopped by Baptist Event Center because I was really searching for the perfect outdoor wedding venues near me for my wedding in Yakima WA. The room is beautiful! the floors. Gorgeous! Definitely, a beautiful venue to consider for any future events. They set up a bar outside the ballroom because of the particular setup which was annoying to go in and out but I imagine for other setups it's inside.
  41. I had the opportunity to attend a party here at Baptist Event Center and I was very pleased with this establishment. ballroom ceilings were so beautifully crafted that I wanted to take pictures so I took alot of them I would love to visit this place Baptist Event Center again. this is my vote to have a Christmas party!! I would have to say if you're looking for outdoor wedding venues near me, or wedding space, or the site or having a party they have great packages and Yakima WA is such a beautiful city so you won't be disappointed!!
  42. Gorgeous! Magnificent! Romantic! Splendid! The Baptist Event Center is the perfect place to host any wedding event or party. The Baptist Event Center is an elite and elegant architecturally interesting building. I attended one of my friend's weddings and receptions here last month. It was a beautiful Sunday wedding The evening started with punch being served in the simple, but elegant entrance hall. The room was arranged for the service which then took place. Afterward, the wedding party went to another room to have pictures taken while the guests enjoyed gourmet Hors d'oeuvres again in the entrance hall while one of the rooms was transformed into a reception room with round banquet tables and a dance floor. The event went smoothly and the caterers and staff were professional and friendly. I would recommend this Baptist Event Center to anyone looking for a stress-free wedding with class and elegance.
  43. Went here at Baptist Event Center for a party event tasting event and enjoyed myself. Nice place, cool location, and nice staff! Convenient parking was a plus as well..
  44. I've attended tons of weddings, but one of the most memorable was a friend’s wedding at The Baptist Event Center. They had the wedding and reception in the same hall. While they were switching the decor in between, guests enjoyed appetizers and drinks in the lounge area. The venue is gorgeous, something out of a bridal magazine or a chick flick. The foods were amazing as well. What a great place for a wedding!
  45. Beautiful and perfect setup for a wedding at Baptist Event Center! I just attended a friend's wedding here this weekend (Sunday). One ballroom was for the ceremony and the other was for the AMAZING dinner reception. Beautiful and spacious! I don't know anything about the pricing, but from what I was told, it was fairly reasonable.
  46. The rooms at the Baptist Event Center are gorgeous. I had my senior prom in one and did not realize where I had ended up - at our campus, where I am now a student. Now I live in the neighborhood of Baptist Event Center right next door, and every day I walk past it I wish I had an excuse to attend an event in those ballrooms again... It is a stellar location for all sorts of large groups events. I have a friend looking for outdoor rental venues I will have to have her stop by this place.
  47. Baptist Event Center is such a gorgeous venue and reasonably priced. Very personable and top-notch customer service. Baptist Event Center team is so sweet and was very accommodating. can't go wrong with the place. I would highly recommend Baptist Event Center as a wedding venue, wedding reception event, you could rent a room for a party here it is Beautiful!
  48. I cannot say enough how magical my wedding was at the Baptist Event Center. Roger was absolutely the best while planning. He was very responsive, answered all my ten thousand questions and was so helpful with vendors /knowledge of the courthouse. The venue is absolutely stunning. The marble walls and wood detail created the exact romantic vibe I dreamed of for my wedding. The windows and walls are so beautiful on their own that I did not have to do a lot of decorating, which was very budget-friendly.
  49. I attended a friend's wedding here at Baptist Event Center and was really impressed with the architecture and layout. I helped set up the reception area which had a lot of great natural light and high ceilings. Great place for a wedding event or party lot of guests can fit in the rooms this church is in Yakima WA
  50. The Baptist Event Center, is a wonderful place for weddings, spaces for parties, venue for a wedding, banquet hall for rent, anniversaries or any other historic event. This banquet wedding venue offers a perfect for a dance floor, I've attended a conference here and photographed an event as well. The place is wonderfully unique. And the staff is a joy to work with!
  51. I was searching online for outside venues for parties the Baptist Event Center is well worth visiting for anyone who loves churches. I got some wonderful pictures, and the Baptist Event Center as such a Swell place.
  52. Roger assisted us when we were planning our wedding and reception at Baptist Event Center. Not only were they very helpful and knowledgeable about different options and decor we could do within the hall, but they were very flexible when it came to us picking the dates and times for our rehearsal the night before AND they let us come and visit very often to bring our vendors to space before the wedding! Baptist Event Center will always have a special place in my heart! Its decor is simply beautiful and the packages they offer are so affordable and can be as extravagant as you like or as simple as you like! There is AMPLE parking and it's so simple to find. Trust me, as a bride who had a VERY stress-free wedding planning process; you will not be disappointed if you decide to go with Baptist Event Center they have wedding venue packages, it's such a nice place for a reception wedding venue, many party rooms to rent out, if you need a small reception hall or large one this is the site you need to visit
  53. Very beautiful decor Baptist Event Center!! Simply amazing your party place for the events!!!
  54. Baptist Event Center is an amazing jewel of a party venue, Roger’s team are wonderful to work with. Baptist Event Center staffs are attention to detail, I would recommend this event venue to anyone who is looking for a unique style.
  55. We just had our wedding at Baptist Event Center last weekend and are so happy we did! Roger and his staff were extremely easy to work with. He responded quickly to my emails and questions and came up with great ideas when it came to planning our wedding reception. We had a small guest list (about 35), and it was a perfect size! With not knowing how the weather would turn out, we planned to have everything inside. We had a nice dance floor/DJ in the main room, and seated guests My husband and I had our sweetheart table. as well as our cake on the beautiful marble table. The weather turned out beautifully and we were able to open the front door so guests could mingle One of the reasons we chose Baptist Event Center is for the history and beautiful decor inside. We loved the fact we didn't have to do much to decorate for our reception. Also, we took advantage of getting lots of pictures taken. What a beautiful place to have our wedding and reception. here I couldn't be happier.
  56. I will forever look back fondly at Baptist Event Center as being OUR "Castle on our wedding day it was truly a magical setting to get married in! We planned for our ceremony to be held on the lawn with the cocktail hour outside, a buffet dinner indoors, and dancing, and fortunately We had 70 total guests, and originally I everything went better than perfect! The building is so gorgeous; I can't wait until we get our wedding photos back! We had our engagement photos taken there as well, and they came out beautifully. Such a unique wedding venue, I'd give it 10 stars if I could! Not much is needed to decorate, as the house itself already looks amazing as is. Roger Wilson was very professional to work with throughout the planning process. We just got back from our honeymoon a few days ago, If you want a truly standout wedding venue, book Baptist Event Center!
  57. We decided on Baptist Event Center for our wedding reception venue and it was perfect!! The setting was so charming and romantic! The staff was incredibly professional and coordinated with our caterer so we had very little to worry about. The historical charm provided an intimate setting for our reception. I hope to attend another wedding or event there soon! It will always hold a special place in my heart its the perfect church for small hall rentals, venue for an event, and perfect for a beautiful for a wedding or reception !! Thanks, Baptist Event Center team!
  58. I got married at Baptist Event Center on April 12th. Everything about this place is amazing! It's beautiful both inside and outside, so the decorating I needed to do was minimal. The staff is also incredible! I loved working with Roger the owner leading up to and on the day of the wedding. Everything was a blur for me but went off without a hitch! It's also very reasonably priced!
  59. My wedding was so beautiful and gorgeous! Thanks to the help of the staff Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA, Roger Wilson, and everyone else. It was an amazing venue, unlike any other venues I and other folks have been to. I researched 30 different venues around the area and Baptist Event Center is just absolutely the best choice I have ever made to pick my wedding venue. Super romantic, intimate, and historical. Everyone enjoyed the venue just amazing. Everything inside Baptist Event Center is so pretty and unique, just gorgeous. We like the rooms, at first we worried that people won't be in the same room but it worked out perfectly because it was initiated and yet everyone feels close by. Everyone just mingles from room to room. The dance floor was great on the porch. the rooms is so spacious and beautiful. Everything looks so gorgeous. perfect site in Yakima WA
  60. I needed a place in Yakima WA to rent near me for The perfect banquet wedding venue for anybody wanting an intimate and classy setting for a wedding! Rogers team was very helpful and accommodating, and the natural beauty meant only minimal decorating was necessary. Very flexible and affordable, especially compared to similar venues. don't forget to get sunset pictures outside you will get some amazing pictures and they last a lifetime. this is such a nice place for someone for a wedding and reception, or outdoor wedding, If your looking for places to rent out for a party needs an outdoor event venues site this is your space.
  61. Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA is a wonderful facility specifically designed for weddings although I am sure they can host a number of events. The staff was well coordinated and worked effectively to remain on schedule; we know the wedding can easily get off schedule. However, they were able to remain on schedule without making anyone feel rushed. The food was tasty and fulfilling. There was plenty of seating space and dance floor space. The Grounds were nicely kept with picturesque scenery. For an all-inclusive facility who makes your day your day. This is the place to beat on any banquet space for all party needs. if you're looking for birthday party halls for rent near me, event location rentals, party rentals places, or need a place for a wedding event you should call Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA
  62. Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA is awesome! I love photographing weddings here. I LOVE the ballroom and the gorgeous church for the ceremony. It has windows on the back wall, so the light is just divine. Getting married here? Call me. I'd love to capture it
  63. So I hope that I can add a "father of the bride" perspective to these reviews. I can truthfully say that I consider Baptist Event Center not only a venue but THE banquet venue for weddings. They know what they're doing, and our coordinator Roger treated us like his family. My wife and I were so happy with the outcome of our daughter's wedding. . our guests were all happy They helped us prepare so well. The venue's chapel and banquet rooms were beautiful. All of the wedding party's prep areas were large and well maintained. The food was incredible! And at the end of the night, everyone left happy, never feeling rushed. It's a magical place in Yakima WA and I can highly recommend Baptist Event Center it to any parent or couple looking for that perfect location for their special moment.
  64. As a guest to a wedding here at Baptist Event Center I thought the facility was beautiful. breathtaking windows inside the chapel. The food was fantastic and the night seemed to flow flawlessly. "Classy" seems like an understatement. A truly beautiful occasion! If your looking for a banquet hall for rent or a venue for a small party, or a wedding reception space this is the perfect space to rent in Yakima WA
  65. Great venue for a wedding on Baptist Event Center. Nice Chapel and a good transition to the Ballroom for the reception. You can fit your needs, and I had a great wedding there. Highly recommended to share the moments with family and friends.
  66. LOVE shooting weddings here at the best banquet party place of Baptist Event Center it is a lovely Church you won't be disappointed having your next wedding or reception at this beautiful church.
  67. Beautiful events venue of Baptist Event Center. Great people to work with. All of our guests loved the venue, loved the catering company food, though it was breathtaking. Can't say enough how happy we were with the venue. They were incredibly accommodating, and I appreciate how they give you the linens and decorations complimentary. Because it was such a beautiful venue, we could go minimal on the decorations. The tasting was exceptionally well done as well. We had a great experience with their preferred vendors. The venue is a little on the pricier side, but worth every single penny. I highly recommend Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA.
  68. (Being a florist) i was super happy to hear that we were getting a Baptist Event Center garden wedding. It is a breathtaking venue. The chapel ceremony hall is gorgeous there are so many options you can decorate with. the party hall is nice and roomy, also very easy to decorate, simple but elegant. I love that the bride and groom get a grand entrance. It is affordable. And guaranteed to give you a wedding you and your guests will not forget. If you have a wedding coming up its absolutely worth your time to check out, and in an easy to get to location anyone looking to rent a space for an event
    or looking for great wedding venue packages call Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA
  69. WOW! What a beautiful wedding venue near me at Baptist Event Center. My friend had her wedding here and I was quite impressed. Perfect location for a wedding at Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA.
  70. We had our wedding at Baptist Event Center a little over a week ago. The venue is absolutely beautiful, which means we didn't have to do much as far as flowers and decor. Our coordinator was incredibly helpful and always willing to answer questions. We enjoyed the food, and guests commented on how good it was as well. It's a bit pricey, but we wouldn't have changed a thing.
  71. My Cousin had her wedding here at Baptist Event Center it’s a very lovely venue, one doesn’t need to do a ton to make it beautiful. The perfect venue for you perfect wedding day. if your looking for places to have a reception, event rental spaces, looking for outdoor party venues, or a place to have a wedding or reception this is the perfect space for your next event.
  72. Baptist Event Center is truly a beautiful venue. My son's wedding took place on a Friday. The staff was the consummate professionals. Our wedding coordinator was perfect and on point. The food was tasty, and everyone was quite pleased.
  73. We had our wedding at the Baptist Event Center. When we were looking at different venues I immediately fell in love with the charm of the church The venue changed management over the course of the year we were planning, but it remained a seamless experience. Our wedding was perfect - the venue was big enough for our guests (around 100) but small enough to feel cozy. Roger Wilson is super friendly and was very accommodating helping get everything ready to go for the big day. It's definitely worth a look if you're looking for an event space!
  74. Such breathtaking architectural elegance place of Baptist Event Center -- that all in attendance will not soon forget. Festivities most befitting the occasion and just 'off the hook’ if you need to find event centers or a place for an event or wedding reception this is the place.
  75. . We are so happy we picked the Baptist Event Center for our wedding. The building itself is pretty breathtaking--beautiful architectural details, surprise views beautiful spot to take photos. The Baptist Event Center also has a lot of experience hosting events, and everything was just easy--delicious the catering company did a great job (including a really nice, personalized tasting for us and my parents in their dining room), bar, tables, chairs, cutlery, linens, lighting. Alongside the beauty of the rooms themselves, there is very little you have to bring in here, which was a huge draw. At the end of the day, the Baptist Event Center is a beautiful space, a good value, and we're so happy we had our wedding there!
  76. We had our wedding ceremony and reception at the Baptist Event Center in March Our experience was phenomenal, starting from when we first reached out to the Baptist Event Center to inquire about the venue to the wedding itself. Roger Wilson, the manager, helped us with every detail and the event turned out perfectly.After contacting Roger invited us to view the venue. Needless to say, we were impressed. The venue was reasonably priced and the pricing packages were easy to understand and transparent. The wedding and reception went off without a hitch. The service was excellent, the wait staffs were friendly and helpful, and there were no surprises. We could not have asked for a more classic wedding, and we received many compliments from our guests catering company food, service, and elegance of the venue. Thank you Baptist Event Center team!
  77. My husband and I had our wedding reception at the Baptist Event Center this past June, and we couldn't have been happier we chose it as our venue! It is absolutely gorgeous and quintessential our out of town guests and local friends just loved it! Roger was our point person, and she could not have been more professional and fun to work with! He had wonderful and thoughtful ideas, clear and timely communication, and understood the "vision" we had for the night. Roger also respected our budget and was happy to work with us in creating a memorable night that was not going to break the bank. No question seemed too small or redundant for Roger, he was happy to make sure the night was perfect for us. Also worth noting: The food was delicious! Many of our guests are still talking about our catering company crab cakes, clam chowder, and taquitos. And my husband and I really appreciated the minibar and small plates the catering manager made for us to snack on while we waited for our "grand entrance." There were so many special touches the Baptist Event Center provided to make our reception stand out: I can't recommend the Baptist Event Center enough for any event, but especially a wedding, reception, party, event perfect space for anything!
  78. The Baptist Event Center knows how to host a great party and reception. From the very start, the event planner (Roger) was so gracious and welcoming to us and enthusiastic to bring our cocktail party to fruition. He was very organized and always corresponded in a timely fashion. He offered various menu options that were all fantastic and we were able to get to the one that fit best for our event and budget. During the date of installation, The Baptist Event Center was so helpful with the last-minute placement of items for decor and such. And during date of the event, the Baptist Event Center went far and beyond- the servers were fabulous and the food provided was delicious and the petite fours were to die for! 🙂 The open bar was fantastic, excellent service, top-notch all the way! They collaborated beautifully with the rest of the vendors and with the performers. This is our second time throwing an event at the Baptist Event Center, and it’s a favorite venue, added by the architectural masterpiece of this building and interior, historical background, We had so much fun celebrating both at our wedding party and 8 years after for "Roaring 20s NYE Ball" at the Baptist Event Center. Thank you Baptist Event Center staff for the awesome work you do! Cheers!
  79. I was searching online for a venue something near me I am in Yakima and I found The Baptist Event Center I got to see the building it is just an absolutely beautiful venue. I can't get enough of it. I realized after I had stopped by to see the building a long time ago My company was invited to participate in an event they had here and Baptist Event Center pulled out all the stops. As an attendee, I was blown away by the details and the level of service. I just loved this place so much that I'm actually left a little speechless.
  80. Gorgeous outdoor wedding venues perfect for what I needed for my fiance and I wedding and reception The staff of Baptist Event Center is on point, very stunning, the view is beautiful and the catering company food was very good. A great choice for a special event!
  81. Excellent service, Baptist Event Center The owner Roger is second to none. One can see - as well as feel -that also the staff likes working at this gem of a historic The meeting rooms, main dining room, have been remodeled Great service I love it how Baptist Event Center's ability to make everyone walking through their entrance feel special and "part of the family."
  82. We looked around in the online for a ballroom for rent near me for my wedding and found Baptist Event Center we were looking for a while for the right wedding venue. we were immediately in love. The location, the building so beautiful the friendliness of the staff, we were so interested to learn more. By our second meeting, we booked the venue. For a busy bride, they offer the perfect amount of accommodation and customization. You can bring in your own chairs, linens, etc., OR you can just go with the beautiful stock that they have. It made it so much easier to plan knowing that we had the support of a business that runs weddings almost every Saturday. They helped us plan for all unexpected things, they had a solution for anything we needed or wanted to add or remove. Their wedding pricing packages were reasonable and easy to understand. I had a dedicated wedding coordinator for my event. Our wedding was unique, classy, and beautiful, we loved every minute. Thank you Baptist Event Center!
  83. We got married at Baptist Event Center last July and were overjoyed with how wonderful things went. We worked with Roger as our coordinator and he was amazing-- he answered promptly accommodated our menu requests, advised us on numerous details with expertise, was super organized, and put us at ease that all would go great and we wouldn't have to worry-- which all became a reality! We were very new to planning a wedding (never did anything like it before) and were planning from across the country in DC. It was such a lifesaver to have Roger guiding us in what needed to be done and decided on and to have the kind of "all-inclusive" venue of Baptist Event Center. Our wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch! We really appreciated that we had time to eat at our wedding You made our day wonderful. We are so happy we got married at the Baptist Event Center in Yakima WA!
  84. Our company has hosted several events at the Baptist Event Center and our entire experience could not have been better. From the selection of dates to the entire event planning in between and especially the events themselves, Roger the Manager was a dream come true! He is a real pro, not to mention kind, accommodating a wonderful project manager! I knew from our very first event that nothing was going to slip through the cracks - and it didn't. The food is excellent and so is the service. Every little detail was taken care of. We have been so pleased with the Baptist Event Center, that we will be hosting a couple of events a year there.if you are in need of banquet halls for your weddings, party events in Yakima this is the space you should rent they have apartments you can rent also.
  85. Wow. That word pretty much sums up the entire experience I had with the Baptist Event Center. Roger teams were the event coordinators for my company's holiday party this year. From the early planning stages to the execution of the event, they couldn't have been more helpful, kind, patient, and accommodating. Our event turned out spectacular. The space was gorgeous. People are still talking about the party and the beauty of the building. I could not have pulled this off so seamlessly without the help of Baptist Event Center team though. I hope to be able to book another event with the Baptist Event Center again soon! Thank you for everything
  86. I was looking online for a venue for wedding near me, and outdoor wedding venues near me and I didn't have much time to look and didn't have a chance to look at places that week I Attended my friend's wedding reception in this lavishly impeccable banquet wedding venue. Amazing so much history here. Beautiful reception with two floors of unforgettable memories. We were greeted by the photo booth guys, followed by a dazzling candy bar buffet with an array of sophisticated colors and treats; all the guests loved filling their bags full of candies & goodies, like little kids again. We headed over to the bar, mingled with others, and listened to the String Quartet play some tunes, and proceeded to the main dining room on the 11th floor. The beautiful couple made their grand entrance, and everyone tried to snap a picture of the lovely couple. We ate a savory dinner and headed back down to the 10th floor to a DJ rocking' tunes and raised the roof! Congratulations on their marriage and happiness forever. This church is where I want my wedding and reception to be this year.
  87. This is an incredible party event space with several areas. I rented out the apartment upstairs for a week and had a party event it turned out perfect. It had great views and the interior is beautiful. Everything is lovely. It is located in Yakima WA. If you can come and see it. It is a great, historic space perfect venue for a wedding or reception.
  88. Want to be whisked back to the extravagant year? Step into the Baptist Event Center which is located in a beautiful area of town in Yakima WA, The beauty starts with the exterior facade the windows are beautiful leading to the extravagant lobby, Beautiful place perfect site if you need a ballroom to rent or
    a place to have a wedding event or reception this is such a lovely Church building and you have apartments you can rent I needed a place near me and this was close to my house so the next event I plan I will be renting this space again.
  89. I convinced my amazing girlfriend to marry me last July, and--for a variety of reasons--we decided to have a short engagement and get married on New Year's Eve. By the time we decided on the date, we had exactly 3 months to plan a wedding. When we toured the Baptist Event Center with our planner, we fell in love with the art deco theme and he made us immediately feel like it was doable. The night-off was perfect and went off without a hitch All out guests still rave about the night. It was absolutely perfect. We couldn't recommend the Baptist Event Center highly enough for private events,a banquet hall for rent, a wedding or reception, renting halls, banquets, or perfect rooms for partys, and perfect for a wedding or reception in Yakima WA.
  90. We held our wedding here in September 2020 and it was fantastic I had been searching for the best wedding receptions places and this was all of that and more. We worked with Baptist Event Center staff and it was incredibly responsive and helpful. The venue looked gorgeous and they really went above and beyond to customize it the way we wanted. We could not recommend The Baptist Event Center any stronger. I think its a perfect place for anyone looking for ballroom venues, banquet hall for rent, It is simply the best wedding location.
  91. In late September, I got the assignment to plan a holiday party for my new employer. I started looking for event places to rent They wanted a Saturday this October. I was amazed that The Baptist Event Center was actually available on the date we have chosen, but quickly booked my party there and did a site visit. The catering company The food was absolutely delicious. The service was amazing. We hired a DJ/Karaoke and a photo booth. All easily accommodated at The Baptist Event Center. The party was such a success.
  92. I was looking for event location rentals and came upon Baptist Event Center is a hidden gem - not only do they have a great atmosphere and very nice decor, their staff is very attentive and friendly. I love that there is an apartment to rent. The church building is a historic perfect space for a church wedding venue,
    or wedding event, if someone is looking for buildings for rent for events, a place to have a wedding or reception or a site to have a nice party event they should come see this place its amazing.
  93. Had a wonderful time here at Baptist Event Center. Attended a work-related event. The staff maintains a clean environment and is attentive to guests. The food was delicious; I loved catering companie's chicken wings and the white sauce penne pasta best. Will always attend events at this church, truly wonderful.
  94. We had our wedding at Baptist Event Center last month. I was searching a month ago for outdoor wedding venues near me and It was the first venue we visited. We also checked out several other venues, but nothing was comparable. We decided it was it, we found the perfect place for our dream wedding. From the moment we contacted and booked it with Roger to the time he introduced us to his staff, which was helping us with coordinating the whole event, everything went so smoothly. Roger did a great job and was very pleasant to work with. The staff helped make our night memorable and go without any drama. The whole team was amazing, from the bartender to waiter, waitresses to the cook. We didn't do much in decorating; The Baptist Event Center was as beautiful as it was. Our guests thought the venue was absolutely stunning and the food was amazing. We had some picky eaters and they bragged how much they loved the appetizers, the steak was so tender and the sea bass was perfectly cooked. One of our guests asked us to contact them and asked for the name of the wine they served that night, she loved it. Overall, we are so glad we booked The Baptist Event Center, thank you!!!
  95. Excellent location for any networking event at Baptist Event Center. A long room where you can see every face quite easily. The staff was very attentive and professional. Easy to park.
  96. This was a tough call. The Baptist Event Center came down to one of our top three locations for our wedding reception. The building is gorgeous. You walk into an amazing art deco lobby its historic upstairs they have these apartments you can rent. They have gorgeous "rooms with amazing views out of the windows. We were really sold on this place the most beautiful church building I have seen. If your looking for a banquet hall for rent, best wedding receptions to rent, buildings for party rentals, church wedding venue or anything else this is your place to be.
  97. Roger was absolutely amazing to work with for our wedding! He was patient in answering all our questions and helping set everything up for our event. He guided us through the entire event process with ease and grace. Everything went incredibly smoothly the day of, we sincerely couldn't have asked for a better venue and coordinator. The Baptist Event Center was a wonderful atmosphere and setting! The staff was phenomenal, they made our guests feel incredibly welcomed and comfortable; they were on top of everything, very professional. If you are looking to have an intimate event at the Baptist Event Center I highly recommend Roger Wilson and the team at the Baptist Event Center. Thank you Baptist Event Center staff for making our wedding truly wonderful! I will recommend to anyone for the perfect event places to rent, buildings for party rentals, best wedding reception venues, banquet hall rentals, ballroom venues, and perfect for a wedding reception or outdoor wedding venues.
  98. My daughter's wedding was held at the Baptist Event Center On July 3. It was truly a magical evening! My family and friends are still talking about the amazing time they had there. I felt at ease with any staff member that I spoke with. I felt comfortable calling and ask her anything, even if I thought it might be a bit silly at the time. Roger was always on point, professional and a joy to work with!
  99. Had our wedding here at Baptist Event Center recently...... everything was AMAZING.
    1) Great service and staff
    2) incredible art, design, and history. A true gem in the city. the grand architecture.
    (apartments to rent)
    4) Unique to the max.... come back down to a transformed room for dancing and partying.
    5) We picked it for our wedding venue
    Bottom line Baptist Event Center: Great place for weddings or any big event really.
    If you have an opportunity to go to an event here, definitely make a point of it.
  100. This venue near me is straight out of the movies. When my boss took my whole department here to celebrate the successful completion of my internship we had a catering company come in and take care of everything as far as food went the hostess, the servers, and the chefs all addressed him by name and brought him his usual drink order. He also chooses this occasion to ask me to stay on board as I finished up my degree this was a pivotal moment in my nascent professional career, ah memories. Anyhow, on with the review, it offers an outstanding, diversified selection of chow, impeccable service and also houses The chefs stood alongside the food offerings and explain to them as you're checking out the goods. Oh, one more thing, they have all you can eat oysters, yummy!! I really think this place is perfect for anyone looking for a ballroom for rent near me, a place to rent for a wedding event or reception. a party rental, banquet rental or renting a hall, its in Yakima WA.
  101. Went to a Baptist Event Center there today. The catering company lunch was very good- the service was very efficient. Good open space for programs or panel discussions. Has a perfect atmosphere without the rundown frumpy feel. perfect event room, church wedding venue, if your looking for buildings for rent for events look no further this is the place to be
  102. Just had my wedding here at Baptist Event Center. It went perfectly The venue is beautiful. A lot of care and money obviously went into the place when it was built, and everything has been very well-maintained. If you have any love for art you should check it out. Such a cool place to have a party. The catering company food, service, bartending, set-up/tear-down, all of it was top notch. Definitely worth considering if you want to have a wedding or event in the Yakima WA.
  103. Oh my goodness Stunning building. I was invited here for an event. Now, the catering company food was very nicely done. I could most likely get away with coming here again, uninvited. I dress up real well, you see. Anyways, I wished I brought my camera I want to go back just for more pictures. easy parking Impressive. Perfect place for a outdoor wedding, wedding reception, they have a banquet hall for rent, ballroom venues and so much more.
  104. Love the Baptist Event Center I have been impressed with the wonderful customer service from the staff to the catering company servers.
    The banquet hall for rent is a perfect spot where I meet many of my clients. It has become my home base in the city since I live in Yakima WA.
    Roger Wilson is amazing. I don't know how he does it.
  105. The Baptist Event Center is a great place for anyone who wants to have a wonderful time with friends, co-workers; or clients. The banquet hall for rent is located in Yakima WA and so easy to find- a beautiful sight to behold. Whether you're looking for an event space (like I have), a lovely location for a lunch a wedding reception consider the Baptist Event Center. Their staff members are second to none in service and professionalism and the catering company food is delectable.
  106. My husband and I got married on New Year's Eve and had the best ceremony and reception at the Baptist Event Center! We got so many wonderful compliments about our beautiful wedding. The venue for the wedding near me was very flexible with all the crazy ideas I had, including a balloon drop, giant crystal trees in the dinner area, a full wall of crystals and an aisle lined with candles in the ceremony space. This is such a nice place for venue for wedding, if your looking for outdoor wedding venues, ballroom for rent, ballroom venues, ballroom venues, banquet hall rentals, this is the best wedding location.
  107. Baptist Event Center is one of the most beautiful gems of the City. and with their impeccable service. You are always greeted with dignity and importance when you enter the Baptist Event Center. nice place to meet with clients, unwind after work, or read the paper before you head into work.
    I am always thankful for the impeccable service, authentic interactions with their staff, and impressed with their events. If you can, check it out. And if someone invites you to lunch there... GO! I really think this venue would be great for a wedding I like that this site is near me yakima WA nice place to rent a venue for a wedding, if your looking for buildings for rent, buildings for rent for events or church wedding venue.
  108. I LOVE this building rent for events! It's so unique, It's beautiful. The staff is amazing, always so gracious, and remembers names. If I ever get married again... I'd love to have the reception here at Baptist Event Center! this is a wonderful space for anyone looking for a wedding space, wedding banquet hall, or looking for small gathering venues, church wedding venue, event places to rent or just a simple rent venue this is the place in Yakima WA.
  109. Baptist Event Center's best place to celebrate a party or events a really good party place the food was great the music was awesome.
  110. The Baptist Event Center is one of those places that have been around forever, but not everyone knows about it What surprises me is the ability of the Baptist Event Center to throw hip modern events that cater to the 20s and 30s set. If you have the chance to visit the Baptist Event Center for a business lunch or private event, go! if you looking for a place that can accommodate large reception venues, wedding banquets, or looking for places to rent for events, this is the best space for that.